The Fragrance Ring is a great alternative to the average scented candle. An aroma can be experienced quickly and with no taint from burnt wax.

Simply place a few drops of fragrance oil onto the ceramic fragrance ring. A tealight burnt below in the slanted glass warms the ceramic. This quickly and effectively diffuses your fragrance into the room. You can adjust the level of fragrance in the room by using more or less oil.

The Fragrance Ring Set comes fully packaged with slanted glass, ceramic fragrance ring and a 10ml glass pipette bottle of fragrance oil.


The Fragrance Ring is a great peripheral to our Curve candles.

When you light it behind a Curve, you can enjoy a warm ambient glow through the Curve’s surface.

Combining the two creates for you an experience of luxurious fragrance from an abstract design.

Give this experience to others with the Curve Fragrance gift sets.

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