Each one of the fifty seven cloves in the design have been sorted and placed by hand to create a charming Victorian Pomander.

A selection of the cloves on each Pomander are hand painted with gold and orange.

The design is finished with the addition of three gold bows, each are individually crafted from gold wax.

The fragrance of the candle is a sweet fresh Seville Orange scent which contrasts beautifully with the natural peppery aroma of the real cloves within the candle.

Curve candles are three wicked curved flat candles. Light the wicks at the top to experience a burn as shown here. After about 9 hours burn, what you are left with is a truly abstract feature.


You can include this Curve in either one of two Gift Sets:

The Votive gift set available in ‘Finish’ option above. The set adds a glass votive with a gold decal and four hand made unscented votive candles. You are giving everything needed to get the full visual experience.

The Fragrance gift set available here. This includes one of our Fragrance Rings with your choice of fragrance oil. You are giving everything needed to get the full sensory experience.

When you burn either peripheral from the sets behind the Curve, you can enjoy a warm ambient glow through the Curve’s surface.

This is an alternative visual experience, changing as the Curve is burnt, either partially or fully. The back of the Curve is also protected from naked flame.

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